THE 72 NAMES (Angels) OF GOD



Here is detailed information on each of the Seraphim's from the 72 names ( Angels ) of God. I collected this information from deferent sources and did my best to keep it accurate, (bibliography at the end) but have no guaranty for the accuracy or what ever impact this information may cause. Herein I also present the Kabalistic way to contact the 72 angels.



1. Deus Exaltator (The exalting God); ִ

וָהֵוָ   ( Vav Hey Vav ) VaHeVa

וְאַתָּה יְהוָה, מָגֵן בַּעֲדִי; כְּבוֹדִי, וּמֵרִים רֹאשִׁיתהילים פרק גֵ:ד


     The Book of Psalms Chapter 3-4

     Latin Vulgate 3:4 tu autem Domine clipeus circa me gloria mea et exaltans caput meum

     King James Version 3:4 But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.


וָהֵוָיָה  VeHaVaYA Vehuaiah –

Influence time and dates: 00:01 - 00:20 21th March until the 25th inclusively 
VEHUIAH.  His attribute is interpreted as  God elevated and exalted above all things .  He rules over the Hebrews.  
The name of God in that language is called Jehovah.  
He governs the first ray of the East in the spring season, that is to say the first five degrees of the circle which begins at midnight 
on 21th March until the 25th
inclusively, corresponding to the first decade of the sacred calendar, and to the first angel, 
called Chontare, under the influence of Mars:  this angel, 
and those which follow up to the 8th one, belong to the First Order of Angels which the Orthodox call the Choir of the Seraphim.  
He inhabit the realm of fire: his sign is Aries, and he rules also the following five days:  
20th March, 31st April, 11th August, 22 October and 2nd January.  
His invocation is made towards the East, from midnight exactly until 12:20am, to receive light. It is by virtue of these divine names that one may become 
illuminated by the spirit of God; one must pronounce them from midnight precisely until 12:20, 
talisman must be prepared according to the principles of the kabbalistic art. 
The person who is born under the influence of this angel has a skillful nature; being blessed with great wisdom, a lover of the Arts and Sciences, 
capable of undertaking and executing the most difficult things; having a love for military service, due to the influence of Mars; 
having abundant energy, due to the dominance of fire. 


Meditation on this name bring: Time Travel: Awaken remorse in your heart for prior misdeeds. Accept the frank spiritual truth that problems in your life are the result of past actions. Uproot the negative seeds that you have already planted and in doing so transform your past, reshape the present, and create a future full of joy and fulfillment.

The negative side of this angel influences turbulent men; and rules over promptness and anger.

2. Deus Auxiliator (The helping God);

יֹלָיֹ ( Yod Lamed Yod ) YoLaYo

תהילים פרק כב:כ וְאַתָּה יְהוָה, אַל-תִּרְחָק; אֱיָלוּתִי, לְעֶזְרָתִי חוּשָׁה.

The Book of Psalms Chapter 22:20 

Latin Vulgate 21:19 tu autem Domine ne longe fias fortitudo mea in auxilium meum festina

King James Version 21:19 But be not thou far from me, O LORD: O my strength, haste thee to help me.

יֹלָיֹאֵל YoLaYoEL Jeliel –

Influence time and dates  00:21 - 00:40  26th March until the 30th inclusively


 JELIEL.  His attribute is  Helpful God .  He rules over Turkey (these people give

God the name of Aydy).  His ray begins from the 6th degree until the 10th inclusive, corresponding to the influence of the angel

called Asican and to the first decade.  He also presides over the following days: 21st March, 1st June, 12th August, 23rd October and 3rd January

One invokes this angel to calm popular sedition, and to obtain victory over those who would attack you unjustly.                                           

The favourable hour begins at 12:20am up to12:40am. 
This angel rules over kings and princes, and keeps their subjects obedient; he has influence over the generation all beings 
which exist in the animal realms; here establishes peace between spouses and maintains conjugal fidelity.  
Those born under this influence have a cheerful spirit, agreeable and genteel manners; they are passionate in sex. 

Meditation on this name bring: Recapturing the Sparks: Shards of Light are drawn out of the destructive entities that reside within your being.

Their life force is cut off and you then replenished with Divine energy. Life grows brighter each and every day as billions of sacred sparks return to your soul!

To quell popular uprisings. To obtain victory over those who attack unjustly. Sprightly spirit, agreeable and courteous manners, passionate for sex.

The nagative side of this angel dominates everything detrimental to animate beings; it delights in sundering spouses by distracting them from their duties; 
he inspires a taste for celibacy, and bad morals. 


3. Deus Spes (The God of hope);

סָיֹטֵ   ( Samech Yod Tet ) SaYoTe

צא:ב אֹמַר--לַיהוָה, מַחְסִי וּמְצוּדָתִי; אֱלֹהַי, אֶבְטַח-בּוֹ.  תהילים פרק

The Book of Psalms Chapter  91:2

Latin Vulgate 90:2 dicens Domino spes mea et fortitudo mea Deus meus confidam in eum

King James Version 90:2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

סָיֹטֵאֵל SaYoTeEL Sitael - Against adversities. Protects against weapons and wild beasts. Loves truth, will keep his word, will oblige those in need of his services.

Influence time and dates  00:41 - 01:00  31th March until the 4th April inclusively

SITAEL.  His attribute is  God, the hope of all creatures .  His ray begins at the 11th degree of the circle to the 15th inclusive, 
corresponding to the second decade and to the angel called Chontachre, under the influence of the Sun; he presides over the following days:  
22nd March, 2nd June, 13th August, 24th October, 4th January. 
One invokes this angel against adversity; The favorable time begins at 12: 40am and continues to 1:00am.  He rules over nobility, 
magnanimity and great works; he protects again arms and ferocious beasts.  
A person born under this influence loves truth; keep his word and takes pleasure in helping those who need assistance. 


Meditation on this name bring: Miracle Making - Free yourself from all selfishness, envy, anger, and self-pity. By rejecting these negative temptations, you free to invoke this Name thereby igniting the power of miracles in your life.

The nagative side of this angel rules hypocrisy, ingratitude and perjury. 

4. Deus Absconditus (The hidden or concealed God);

עָלָמֵ (Ain Lamed Mem )  AlaMe

שׁוּבָה יְהוָה, חַלְּצָה נַפְשִׁי; הוֹשִׁיעֵנִי, לְמַעַן חַסְדֶּךָ. - תהילים פרק ו: ה

The Book of Psalms Chapter  6:5    

Latin Vulgate 6:5 revertere Domine erue animam meam salva me propter misericordiam tuam

King James Version 6:5 Return, O LORD, deliver my soul: oh save me for thy mercies' sake.


עָלָמֵיָה ALaMeYa   Elemiah             

Against mental troubles and for the identification of traitors. Governs voyages, sea travels. Industrious, successful, keen for travel.

Influence time and dates  01:01 - 01:20 5th April until the 9th April inclusively

ELEMIAH.  His attribute is  Hidden God .  He corresponds to the holy name of God: Allah in the Arabic language.  
His ray begins at the 16th degree of the circle up to the 20th inclusive, corresponding to the second decade and to the angel called Senacher.  
He rules over the following days: 23rd March, 3rd June, 14th August, 25th October and 5thJanuary.  
One invokes this angel against spiritual torment and to know the names of traitors.  The favourable time begins at 1:00am up to 1:20am. 
This angel rules over travel, maritime expeditions, and he rules over useful discoveries. The person born under its influence will be industrious, happy in his 
enterprises, and will have a passion for travel. 


Meditation on this name bring: Eliminating Negative Thoughts: Switching off the destructive thoughts that emanate from the ego. In the space that you will open, a gentle radiance of spiritual Light will appear.

The nagative side of this angel rules over bad education, discoveries dangerous to society; he brings hindrance to all enterprises. 

5. Deus Salvator (God the saviour);

מֵהֵשִ ( Mem Hey Shin ) MeHeShi

- תהילים פרק לד:ה דָּרַשְׁתִּי אֶת-יְהוָה וְעָנָנִי; וּמִכָּל-מְגוּרוֹתַי הִצִּילָנִי

The Book of Psalms Chapter 34:5 

Latin Vulgate 34:5 quaesivi Dominum et exaudivit me et de omnibus angustiis meis liberavit me

King James Version 34:5 I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.


מֵהֵשִיָה MeHeShiYA   Mahasiah -   

To live in peace with everyone. Governs high science, occult philosophy, theology, the liberal arts. Learns easily, keen for honest pleasures.

Influence time and dates  01:21 - 01:40  10th April until the 14th April inclusively

MAHASIAH.  His attribute is  God saviour .  He corresponds to the holy name of Teut or Theuth , after the Egyptian language.  
His ray begins at the 21st degree up to the 25th degree inclusive, corresponding to the third decade and the angel called Seket, under the influence of Venus; 
he rules over the following five days: 24th March, 4th June, 14th August, 26th October and 6th January.  
His invocation is performed from 1:20am till 1:40am. One invokes this angel to live in peace with the entire world;
He rules over the high sciences, occult philosophy, theology and the liberal arts.  
The person born under this influence learns all that they desire with ease; has an agreeable physiognomy and character, and will be keen on honest pleasures.


Meditation on this name bring: Healing: The power of this Name brings the energy of healing at the deepest and most profound level of your being, because it help you accept full responsibility for your present condition, and because you can use your energy to concentrate on others who also need healing.


The nagative side of this angel rules ignorance, libertinage and all bad qualities of mind and body.


6. Deus Laudabilis (The laudable or praiseworthy God);

לָלָהֵ ( Lamed Lamed Hey ) LaLAHe

זַמְּרוּ--לַיהוָה, יֹשֵׁב צִיּוֹן; הַגִּידוּ בָעַמִּים, עֲלִילוֹתָיו- תהילים פרק ט: יב

The Book of Psalms Chapter 9:12

Latin Vulgate 9:12 cantate Domino habitatori Sion adnuntiate in populis commutationes eius

King James Version 9:12 Sing praises to the LORD, which dwelleth in Zion: declare among the people his doings.


לָלָהֵאֵל LaLaHe EL  Lelahel –

To acquire knowledge and cure disease. Governs love, renown, science, arts and fortune. Features (include) ambition, fame.

Influence time and dates  01:41 - 02:00 15th April until the 20th April inclusively

LELAHEL. His attribute is  Praiseworthy God .  He corresponds to the name Abgd, from the Ethiopian language. 

His ray begins from the 26th degree to the 30th inclusive, corresponding to the third decade and to the angel called Asentacer; he rules over the following days: 25th

 March, 5th June, 15th August, 27th October, 7th January. 

One invokes this angel to acquire knowledge and to cure illnesses;

The favorable time begins at 1:40am till 2:00am. This angel rules over love, renown, sciences, arts and fortune. 

The person born under this influence will love to converse, and will acquire fame through his talents and actions.


Meditation upon this name bring Dream State: With this Name you will dream truthfully. Your soul will ascend to safe and loving places during the night. You will awake each morning recharged. Reinvigorated. Renewed in body and spirit. Wiser.


The nagative side of this angel rules ambition; he brings men to want to elevate themselves above their fellow man; he influences all those who seek to acquire a fortune through illicit means.

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