To each of the 72 angels is assigned an invocation formula, which was derived from the psalms. Each of these psalms (see below) contain God's Name יְהוָה YHVH (the tetragrammaton),
the corresponding triplet e.g. VSR for Vasar-iah and the corresponding attribute of God.


 The Tetragrammaton  יְהוָה

● = I = 10 = 10
         ● ●  = H I = 5+10 = 15

                ● ● ●  = V H I = 6+5+10 = 21
                       ● ● ● ● = H V H I = 5+6=5+10 = 26
The Great Name of God = 72


More about the 72 names of God from "The Bahir" ( "Book of the Brightness" ) this book was one of the first to quote the work under the title Midrash R. Nehunya ben ha-Kanah. from the first century According to a Jewish legend, one of the Essenes, ( some say from Hebrew Ose Nisim mean: the miricale workers ) named Menachem, had passed at least some of his mystical knowledge to the Talmudic mystic Nehunya ben ha-Kanah , to whom the Kabalistic tradition attributes Sefer ha-Bahir , this is interesting cause its believed by Some important scholars and Pope Benedict XVI , (who supposes in his book on Jesus ) that John the Baptist and possibly Jesus and his family where part of this Jewish sect or got knowledge from them, so this also connect Jesus to kabalah and the miracle angels workers... ( the Essense )

paragraph 94. Rabbi Amorai sat and expounded:
What is the meaning of the verse (1 Kings 8:27), “Behold the heaven and the heaven of heaven cannot contain You”?
This teaches us that the Blessed Holy One has 72 names. All of them were placed in the Tribes [of Israel]. It is thus written (Exodus 28:10),
Six of their names on one stone, and the names of the other six on the other stone, according to their generations.”
It is also written (Joshua 4:9), “He raised up twelve stones.” Just like the first are (Exodus 28:12), “stones of memorial,” so these are (Joshua 4:7), “stones of memorial.”
[There are therefore] 12 stones [each containing six names] making a total of 72. These parallel the 72 names of the Blessed Holy One.
Why do they begin with twelve? This teaches us that God has twelve Directors. Each of these has six Powers [making a total of 72].
What are they? They are the 72 languages.
The Blessed Holy One has a single Tree, and it has twelve diagonal boundaries:
The northeast boundary, the southeast boundary;
The upper east boundary, the lower east boundary;
The southwest boundary, the northwest boundary;
The upper west boundary, the lower west boundary;
The upper south boundary, the lower south boundary;
The upper north boundary, the lower north boundary;
They continually spread forever and ever;
They are the arms of the world.
On the inside of them is the Tree. Paralleling these diagonals there are twelve Functionaries.
Inside the Sphere there are also twelve Functionaries.Including the diagonals themselves, this makes a total of 36 Functionaries.
Each of these has another. It is thus written (Ecclesiastes 5:7), “For one above another watches.” [This makes a total of 72.]
It therefore comes out that the east has nine, the west has nine, the north has nine, and the south has nine.
These are twelve, twelve, twelve, and they are the Functionaries in the Axis, the Sphere, and the Heart.
Their total is 36. The power of each of these 36 is in every other one.
Even though there are twelve in each of the three, they are all attached to each other. Therefore, all 36 Powers are in the first one, which is the Axis. And if you seek them in the
Sphere, you will find the very same ones. And if you seek them in the Heart, you will again find the very same ones.
Each one therefore has 36. All of them do not have more than 36 forms. All of them complete the Heart [which has a numerical value of 32]. Four are then left over.
Add 32 to 32 and the sum is 64. These are the 64 Forms. How do we know that 32 must be added to 32? Because it is written (Ecclesiastes 5:7), “For one above another watches, [and there are higher ones above them].”
We thus have 64, eight less than the 72 names of the Blessed Holy One. These are alluded to in the verse, “there are higher ones above them,” and they are the seven days of the week. But one is still missing. This is referred to in the next verse (Ecclesiastes 5:8), “The advantage of the land in everything is the King.”
What is this “advantage”? This is the place from which the earth was graven. It is an advantage over what existed previously. And what is this advantage? Everything in the world that people see is taken from its radiance. Then it is an advantage. 107. What is the meaning of the verse (Numbers 6:24-26), “May God (YHVH) bless you and watch you. May God (YHVH) make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May God (YHVH) lift His face to you and give you peace.”
This is the explicit Name of the Blessed Holy One. It is the Name containing twelve letters, as it is written, YHVH YHVH YHVH. This teaches us that God’s names consists of three troops. Each troop resembles the other,
and each one’s name is like [the other’s] named. All of them are sealed with Yod He Vav He.
And how? The [four letters] Yod He Vav He can be permuted 24 different ways, forming one troop. This is, “May God (YHVH) bless you…” In a similar manner, the second one, “May God (YHVH) make His face shine…” These are 24 names of the Blessed Holy One.
In a similar manner, the third one, “May God (YHVH) lift His face…” These are 24 names of the Blessed Holy One.
This teaches us that each army, with its leaders and officers, has 24. Multiply 24 by three and you have the 72 names of the Blessed Holy One.
These are the 72 names derived from the verses (Exodus 14:19-21), “And travelled… And came … And stretched …”
108. And who are the Officers? We learned that there are three. Strength (Geburah) is the Officer of all the Holy Forms to the left of the Blessed Holy One . He is Gabriel. The Officer of all the Holy Forms to His right is Michael.
In the middle is Truth. This is Uriel, the Officer of all the Holy Forms [in the centre].
Each Officer is over 24 Forms. But there is no reckoning of his troops, as it is written (Job 25:3), “Is there a number to His troops?”
But if so, then there are 72 plus 72 [making a total of 144]. He said: This is not the case. For when Israel brings a sacrifice before their Father in heaven, they are united together. This is the unification of our God.

110. There is a name that is derived from the three verses (Exodus 14:19-21), “And travelled … And came … And stretched…”
The letters of the first verse, “And travelled…” are arranged in this name in the order that they are in the verse. The letters of the second verse, “And came …” are arranged in the name in reverse order.
The letters of the third passage, “And stretched…” are arranged in the name in the same order as they occur in the verse, just like the case of the first verse. Each of these verses has 72 letters.
Therefore, each of the names that is derived from these three sentences, “And travelled… And came… And stretched…” contains three letters.
These are the 72 names. They emanate and divide themselves into three sections, 24 to each section. Over each of these sections is a higher Officer.
Each section has four directions to watch, east, west, north and south. The four directions then have a total of 24 forms. [This is true of the first section] as well as the second and the third.
All of them are sealed with YHVH, God of Israel, the living God, Shaddai, high and exalted, who dwells in eternity on high, whose Name is holy, YHVH. Blessed be the name of the glory of His kingdom forever and ever.

111. Rabbi Ahilai sat and expounded:
What is the meaning of the verse, “God (YHVH) is King, God (YHVH) was king, God (YHVH) will be King forever and ever.”?
This is the Explicit Name (Shem Ha Mephoresh), for which permission was given that it be permuted and spoken. It is thus written [regarding the above-mentioned Priestly Blessing]
(Numbers 6:27), “And they shall place My name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them.” This refers to the Name containing twelve letters. It is the name used in the Priestly
Blessing, “May God bless you…” It contains three names [each having four letters] making a total of twelve. Its vowel points are Yapha’al Y’pha’oel Yiph’ol.
If one safeguards it and mentions it in holiness, then all his prayers are heard. And not only that, but he is loved on high and below, and immediately answered and helped.
This is the Explicit Name that was written on Aaron’s forehead.The Explicit Name containing 72 letters and the Explicit Name containing twelve letters were given over by the Blessed Holy One to [the angel] Mesamariah, who stands before the Curtain.

He gave it to Elijah on Mount Carmel, and with them he ascended and did not taste death.

112. These are the Explicit Holy Exalted Names. There are twelve Names, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel:
Brach Yah-ron
Eresh Gadra-aon
Basavah Monahon


In his book, The 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul, The modern kabalist Yehuda Berg says that those names, "like the words of the Bible... are the property of no ethnic group or religious identity. They can and should be used by everyone to confront the accelerating chaos and negativity that confronts our world."

In The 72 Names of God, Berg says, "God never answers prayers. It is people who answer their own prayers by knowing how to connect and utilize the divine energy of the Creator and the God-like force in their own souls."


To use these angels' names as a means of divination, become quiet for a few minutes and enter into a receptive, meditative attitude. Take three slow, deep breaths from the belly. Formulate a question for which you seek the guidance of the Hebrew letters. Avoid "yes" or "no" questions. A good generic question is, "What perspective on this matter would help me proceed in the best way?" Pray for inspiration and receptivity. at the left side of this site you can see more information for each angel name.


Meditate upon the letter's associations of the angel name you chouse and also the emotional tone it evokes within you (say the name again and again like a mantra, example; for the first name of god you have to say VaHeVa וָהֵוָ  ). Be receptive to any glimmers of intuition that may arise.


Jewish kabalists in all times documented, their travel to the upper worlds, one of the more known was written in the zohar and was explained by Rabbi Moshe Cordevero (the 'Ramak') in his book "Pardes Rimonim"


This part done with the help of this site http://www.workofthechariot.com

The Mystical kabalah, allows each individual to select mantra, visualizations, and practices that appeal to their minds and hearts. This flexibility does have defining limits. This chapter addresses those practices which have proven to work well with a low rate of problems. Regardless of which mantra and practices are selected, the reader is cautioned to start small and progress slowly and steadily. Example of such kabalistic mantra's praying can be seen in this short movie of the spiritual teacher Shulamit Elson how to call the Angels, and how amassing ( but not surprising I should say... ) it so close to the Tibetans monks prayers with the monks from Tibet You can see Shulamit site here: kabballah.com

Generally speaking, a Mystical kabalist may choose to engage in a very simple routine of practices, perhaps only involving the repetition of one particular root mantra with its attendant visualization. Or, he/she may choose to engage in a more elaborate routine, performing a combination of primary and auxiliary practices that evolve over time. The only guidelines are:

* sincerity of purpose,
* purity of intention,
* renunciation of the fruits of one's efforts,
* whole-hearted surrender to the reality and will of one's higher Self,
* discrimination between the Real and the Unreal,
* vigilant remembrance of the Divine within oneself, and in all beings.

By anchoring a stable, unified worldview in the substratum of the Ayn (the endless nothing), we "use One thorn (Small Face) to remove another (dualistic delusion)." Therefore, do not be rigid about your chosen system of belief, or fall prey to pride if you get some results. In truth, we do little to bring about the condition of spiritual awakening, and all depends upon the grace of Small Face in whose dream we are creatures. By engaging in the various practices, we try our best to make our hearts and minds fertile soil for the Divine Gardener to plant and nourish the seeds of our spiritual unfoldment. Once a person becomes a Tree of Perfection and no longer maintains a dualistic mindset, he/she sees that all worldviews are superimpositions upon the Ayn (the endless nothing), and that ultimately, "Nothing (Ayn) alone exists." This does not mean that such a soul cannot ascribe to different mindsets when stationed in different planes of existence. Hence, when in the waking state, such a one may maintain the attitude of a simple devotee regarding all as the riches of the King. When in ananda samadhi, he/she sees that Small Face has become all. When merged in the supernal effulgence, there is the singular modification that "I AM the Truth." In fana il fana (Ar. extinction of extinction), even the "I AM" disappears.

Did you ever asked your self this "Who am I?"

Most people haven't really contemplated this question enough. Meditate on it. Contemplate it.

I am whatever I identify with!

"Identification means that we mentally or emotionally lose ourselves in something inside or outside of ourselves. We become absorbed in a person, a place, our career, a hobby, our personal viewpoints... When we identify with our thoughts, we call it day dreaming... Identification also means to wrongly take something as being part of our essential selves. Take the physical body. That is merely a vehicle for living on earth. Your True Self does not consist of name, body, money, home, career, or your personal beliefs.

You are something entirely different from these attachments."

Most people identify with their body, ego, job, fears, memories, beliefs. Most people think they are their ego / personality roles - eg. Mother, Businessman, Poor me, Intimidator, Aloof, Caretaker, Parent, Child,

Most people react without thought, acting out roles - automatic like robots!

Most people let their minds go on and on without contemplation, mindfulness, attention or thought about what they are thinking, saying, feeling, tasting, knowing, learning, eating, doing with body, speech & mind.

The roles we play are not the essence of who we really are. We are a river of many things, (& pure potential for anything), however here, as always I am interested in the pure essence of who we really are.

It is said, The ultimate realization is - I AM THAT I AM



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