Additions -El  (  אֵל ) and –Yah (יָה  ) to the names create the names of the 72 Angels or Geniis.

The combination of the principle of five with the principle of trinity now applies to the 72 Genii or Names or angels of God. These 72 Names are composed in the original Hebrew Kabbalah of three letters, to which either the power attribute -el or -iah is added, to create a five-lettered Name of God. Thinking in the terms of Bardon's system we could assume (speculatively), that El (God power) is a representation of the electric fluid and -iah (God mercy) represents the magnetic fluid, adding the two fundamental powers to the qualities of each single name. One further indication that this concept could be true is that the Bahir (see paragraph 8 of the Bahir and Kaplan's commentary) states, that the letter "He" at the end of a word means the feminine quality of this thing, so we could say that the Yod of -yah reflects God (represented by a single point: Yod) in his feminine aspect (represented by He at the end of the word). Additionally He represents the concept of holding. Both concepts parallel very well the concept of the magnetic fluid.

the 72 angels names
From Francis Barrett, The Magus of Celestial Intelligencer,
muddled version of the Cabbalistic philosophy published in London 1801,
magical permutations of letters registering the names of the angels.

(Note: there exist also completely different interpretations of the two additions -El and -Yah as this one presented by Agrippa; cf. for example Aryeh Kaplan, Sepher Yetzirah;
or the standard correspondences of the Sefirot and the Names of God where "El" is attributed to Chesed-Love and "Yah" to Chakmah-Wisdom.)


There is a problem with the way one have to pronounce the names as in Hebrew there are Vowel Points instead of letters for the preannounce the word, another problem came from the fact that there are some letters that aren't exist in Latin or English. This fact is the cause of many way in writing the names in other languages than Hebrew !


Here are 3 versions of the 72 names in English letters. ( there are more )


Bardon                            Agrippa                                 Abulafia

1   Vehu-iah                 Vehu-jah                      Vaheva[-yah]

2   Jeli-el                      Jeli-el                           Yolayo[-el]

3   Sita-el                     Sita-el                           Sayote[-el]

4   Elem-iah                  Elem-jah                       Ealame[-yah]

5  Mahas-iah                Mahas-jah                    Meheshi[-yah]

6  Lelah-el                    Lelah-el                        Lalahe[-el]

7  Acha-iah                  Acha-jah                      Aacahe[-yah]

8  Kahet-el                   Cahet-el                       Cahetha[-el]

9  Azi-el                       Hazi-el                         Hezayo[-el]

10 Alad-iah                  Alad-jah                       Aalada[-yah]

11 Lauv-iah                  Lavi-jah                        Laaava[-yah]

12 Haha-iah                 Haha-jah                      Heheea[-yah]

13 Jezal-el                    Jezal-el                         Yozala[-el]

14 Mebah-el                Mebah-el                     Mebehe[-el]

15 Hari-el                     Hari-el                          Hereyo[-el]

16 Hakam-iah             Hakam-jah                   Heqome[-yah]

17 Lano-iah                  Leav-jah                       Laaava[-yah]

18 Kali-el                     Cali-el                          Calayo[-el]

19 Leuv-iah                  Levu-jah                       Lavava[-yah]

20 Pahal-iah                 Pahal-iah                      Pehela[-yah]

21 Neleka-el                Nelcha-el                     Nulaca[-el]

22 Jeiai-el                     Jeii-el                           Yoyoyo[-el]

23 Melah-el                  Melah-el                       Melahe[-el]

24 Hahu-iah                 Hahvi-ja                       Cheheva[-yah]

25 Nith-Ha-iah             Nitha-jah                      Nuthahe[-yah]

26 Haa-iah                   Haa-jah                        Heaaaa[-yah]

27 Jerath-el                  Jerath-el                       Yoretha[-el]

28 See-iah                    See-jah                        Shiaahe[-yah]

29 Reii-el                     Reii-el                          Reyoyo[-el]

30 Oma-el                    Oma-el                         Aavame[-el]

31 Lekab-el                 Lecab-el                       Lacabe[-el]

32 Vasar-iah                Vasar-jah                     Vashire[-yah]

33 Jehu-iah                   Jehu-jah                       Yocheva[-yah]

34 Lahab-iah                Lehah-jah                     Laheche[-yah]

35 Kevak-iah               Cavac-jah                    Cavako[-yah]

36 Menad-el                Manad-el                     Menuda[-el]

37 Ani-el                      Ani-el                           Aanuyo[-el]

38 Haam-iah                Haam-jah                     Heeame[-yah]

39 Reha-el                   Reha-el                        Reheea[-el]

40 Ieiaz-el                    Jeiaz-el                         Yoyoza[-el]

41 Hahah-el                 Haha-el                        Hehehe[-el]

42 Mika-el                   Mica-El                        Meyoca[-el]

43 Veubi-ah                 Veval-jah                     Vavala[-yah]

44 Ielah-iah                  Jelah-jah                       Yolahe[-yah]

45 Seal-iah                   Saal-jah                        Saaala[-yah]

46 Ari-el                      Ari-el                           Eareyo[-el]

47 Asal-iah                   Asal-jah                       Eashila[-yah]

48 Miha-el                   Miha-el                        Meyohe[-el]

49 Vehu-el                   Vehu-el                        Vaheva[-el]

50 Dani-el                    Dani-el                         Danuyo[-el]

51 Hahas-iah                Hahas-jah                     Hecheshi[-yah]

52 Imam-iah                 Imam-jah                      Eameme[-yah]

53 Nana-el                   Nana-el                        Nunuaa[-el]

54 Nitha-el                   Nitha-el                        Nuyotha[-el]

55 Meba-iah                Mebah-jah                   Mebehe[-yah]

56 Poi-El                      Poi-El                           Pevayo[-el]

57 Nemam-iah             Nemam-jah                  Numeme[-yah]

58 Jeial-el                     Jeiali-el                         Yoyola[-el]

59 Harah-el                  Harah-el                       Hereche[-el]

60 Mizra-el                  Mizra-el                       Mezare[-el]

61 Umab-el                  Umab-el                       Vamebe[-el]

62 Jah-H-el                  Jahh-el                         Yohehe[-el]

63 Anianu-el                 Anav-el                        Eanuva[-el]

64 Mehi-el                   Mehi-el                        Mecheyo[-el]

65 Damab-iah              Damab-jah                   Damebe[-yah]

66 Manak-el                Menak-el                     Menuko[-el]

67 Eiai-el                      Eia-el                           Aayoea[-el]

68 Habu-iah                 Habu-jah                      Chebeva[-yah]

69 Roch-el                   Roeh-el                        Reaahe[-el]

70 Jabam-iah                Jabam-jah                    Yobeme[-yah]

71 Hai-el                      Haiai-el                        Heyoyo[-el]

72 Mum-iah                 Mum-jah                      Mevame[-yah]



In Athanasius Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus there's a table of the 72 names and an appropriate verse from the book of Psalms for each of them,
except for the 70th name, which is given the first verse from Genesis. The 70th name is given the first verse from Genesis,
which does not contain the 4 letters name of God, but does contain the three letters of the 70th name.


Oedipus Aegyptiacus - the first 5 names of God and an appropriate verse from the book of Psalms





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