THE 72 NAMES (Angels) OF GOD


This angel is from the order of the Angels
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71. Deus Dominus universorum (God, master of the universe);

הֵיֹיֹ ( Hey Yod Yod ) HeYoYo

אוֹדֶה יְהוָה מְאֹד בְּפִי; וּבְתוֹךְ רַבִּים אֲהַלְלֶנּוּ. - תהלים פרק קט:ל

Psalms 109:30

the 30th verse of Psalm 109:  I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude

(Confitebor Domino nimis in ore meo: et in medio multorum laudabo eum)

הֵיֹיֹאֵל  HeYoYoEL  Haiel - To confound the wicked and for deliverance from those who seek to oppress us (sic). Protects those who call upon him. Influences fire. Brave.

Influence time and dates 23:21 - 23:40 11th March until the 15th March inclusively

HAIAIEL.  His attribute is  God Master Of The Universe .  He corresponds to the name of  Zeut  in the language of the Phrygians.  His ray commences from the 351st degree up to the 355th degree inclusive, corresponding to the thirty sixth decade and to the angel called Ptibiou, under the influence of Mars.  He rules over the following days: 29th May, 9th August, 20th October, 31st December, 14th March.  The invocation is done from 11:20pm till 11:40pm.


He serves to confound the evil and to be delivered from all those who wish to oppress one.  This angel protects all those who have need of him; he gives victory and

peace; he influences weapons, arsenals, fortresses and all connected with the military genius.  The person born under this influence will have a lot of energy; he will love the military state and will be distinguished by his bravery, talents and actions.


Meditate on this name for bestowed with the power of prophecy. With consciousness elevated and awareness heightened, you have the power to enter a new universe of transformation and Light.


The negative side of this angel rules over discord; he influences traitors and all those who become famous because of their crimes.

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