THE 72 NAMES (Angels) OF GOD


This angel is from the order of the Seraphims
Here is the information about this God name


7. Deus Longanimis (The forbearing or patient God);

אָכָאָ ( Alef Caf Alef ) ACaA

תהילים פרק קג: ח רַחוּם וְחַנּוּן יְהוָה; אֶרֶךְ אַפַּיִם וְרַב-חָסֶד

The Book of Psalms Chapter 103:8

Latin Vulgate 103:8 misericors et clemens Dominus patiens et multae miserationis

King James Version 103:8 The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.


אָכָאָיָה  AChaAYA Achaiah –

Governs patience, secrets of nature. Loves learning, proud to accomplish the most difficult tasks.

Influence time and dates  02:01:- 02:20 21th April until the 25th April inclusively

 ACHAIAH. His attribute is  Good and Patient God .  His ray begins at the 31st degree of the circle up to the 35th inclusive, corresponding to the fourth decade and to the angel called Chous, under the influence of Mercury.  He presides over the following days: 26th March, 6th June, 17th August, 28th October and 8th January. 


This angel rules over patience; he reveals the secrets of nature; he influences the propagation of knowledge and industry.  The person born under this influence will love to learn about useful subjects; he will glory in executing the most difficult works, and will discover many useful practices of the arts.


Meditation on this name bring: DNA of the Soul: With this Name you will receive nothing less than the full impact of the forces of Creation. It restore meaning to your life that often feels meaningless, and purpose to a world that often appears aimless. Order returns. Structure emerges. Everything is tidied up.


The negative side of this angel is the enemy of knowledge; he rules over negligence, laziness and insouciance for study.

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