THE 72 NAMES (Angels) OF GOD


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69. Deus Omnia videns (God seeing everything);

רֵאָהֵ (Resh Alef Hey) – Re A He

יְהוָה, מְנָת-חֶלְקִי וְכוֹסִי-- אַתָּה, תּוֹמִיךְ גּוֹרָלִי. - תהילים פרק טז, פסוק ה

Psalms 16:5

the 5th verse of Psalm 16:  The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintaineth my lot 

(Dominus pars haereditatis meae, et calicis mei: tu es, qui restitues haereditatem meam mihi).

 רֵאָהֵאֵל ReAHe-EL Rochel - To find lost or stolen objects and discover the person responsible. Distinguished in the judiciary, morals and customs of all peoples.

Influence time and dates 22:41 - 23:00 1th March until the 5th March inclusively

ROCHEL.  His attribute is  God Who Sees All .  He corresponds to the holy name of  Deos  in the language of the Cretans.  His ray commences from the 341st

degree up to the 345th degree inclusive, corresponding to the thirty fifth decade and to the angel called Chontare, under the influence of Jupiter.  He rules over the following days: 27th May, 7th August, 18th October, 29th December, 11th March.  The invocation is done from 10:40pm till 11:00pm exactly,


He serves to find lost or hidden objects, and to know the person who has removed them.  This angel rules renown, fortune and succession; he influences jurisconsults, magistrates, attorneys, solicitors and notaries.  The person born under this influence will be distinguished at the bar, by his knowledge of morality, custom and the spirit of the laws of all people.


Meditating with this Name as your compass, the path toward your spiritual home will be illuminated. You will regain your bearings. With every step you take and with each moment that passes, you will feel comfort, confidence and a stronger sense of direction.


The negative side of this angel rules over reports, testaments and bequests which are made to the detriment of legitimate inheritors; he influences all those who cause the ruin of families, by provoking high fees and interminable court cases.

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