THE 72 NAMES (Angels) OF GOD


This angel is from the order of the Principalities
Here is the information about this God name


55. Deus Sempiternus (The eternal God);

מֵבֵהֵ ( Mem Bet Hey ) - MeBeHe             

וְאַתָּה יְהוָה, לְעוֹלָם תֵּשֵׁב; וְזִכְרְךָ, לְדֹר וָדֹר. - תהילים פרק קב, פסוק יג

Psalms 102:13 (Hebrew Ver.)

the 12th verse of Psalm 102:  But thou, O Lord, shalt endure for ever: and thy remembrance unto all generations 

(Tu autem Domine in aeternum permanes: et memoriale tuum in generationem).

 מֵבֵהֵיָה MeBeHeYA Mabaiah - Beneficial for obtaining consolation and compensations. Governs morality and religion. Distinguished by good deeds and piety.

Influence time and dates 18:01 - 18:20 20th December until the 24th December inclusively

MEBAHIAH.  His attribute is  Eternal God .  He corresponds to the holy name of  Alay  in the language of the people of Ormuz.  His ray commences from the 271st degree up to the 275th degree inclusive, corresponding to the twenty eighth decade and to the angel called Smat, under the influence of Jupiter.  He rules over the following days: 13th May, 24th July, 4th October, 15th December, 25th February.  The invocation is done from 6:00pm till 6:20pm;


He is good for obtaining consolation and for those who wish to have children. This angel rules over morality and religion; he influences those who protect them with all their power and spread them by all possible means.  The person born under this influence will be distinguished by his good works, his piety and his zeal for completing his duties before God and man.


By meditating on this name you can reconnect and reunite the Upper and Lower Worlds through the power of this Name. By bringing these two realms together, you will find courage and commitment to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams. Your thoughts become actualized and your best ideas are transformed into action, and then into concrete results!


The negative side of this angel is the enemy of virtue; he influences all those who wish to destroy religion and the princes who protect it, in order to prevent the great work of the regeneration of the human race.

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