THE 72 NAMES (Angels) OF GOD


This angel is from the order of the Virtues
Here is the information about this God name


39. Deus Velox ad condonandum (The quickly forgiving God);

רֵהֵעָ (resh hey ain) - ReHeA       

שְׁמַע-יְהוָה וְחָנֵּנִי; יְהוָה, הֱיֵה-עֹזֵר לִי. - תהילים פרק ל:יא


Psalms 30:11 "Audivit me Dominus, et miserius est mei, Dominus factus est adiutor meus."

PS 30:10 Hear, O Lord, and have mercy upon me: Lord, be thou my helper.


Dimond in the rough: helping transform negative situations into positive opportunities and blessings. help to bring into your life what your soul desires.

 רֵהֵעָאֵל ReHeAEL Rehael - For the healing of the sick. Governs health and longevity. Influences paternal and filial affection.

Influence time and dates 12:41 - 13:00 30th September until the 4th October inclusively

REHAEL.  His attribute is  God Who Received Sinners .  He corresponds to the holy divine name of  Goot  in the language of the Scottish.  His ray commences from the

191st degree up to the 195th degree inclusive, corresponding to the twentieth decade and to the angel called Techout, under the influence of Saturn.  He rules over the following days: 27th April, 8th July, 18th September, 29th November, 9th February.  The invocation is done from 12:40pm till 1:00pm. 

He serves as a cure for maladies and to obtain the mercy of God.  This angel rules over health and long life; it influences paternal and filial love, and the obeisance and respect of children for their parents.


By this means you have the key of the 72 Hebrew verses written around the talismans of the 72 geniuses,which are found in the Kabbalistic sphere.  Each of these verses contains the name of God and the attribute of the angel to which it corresponds. The Abbe de Villars recounts wonderful things while speaking of the great name AGLA, in his work entitled Le Comte de Gabalis (see the third conversation).  The best edition is that by Amsterdam, by Jacques Lejeune, in 1700.  It assures us that with this name one may work infinite marvels, even when pronounced by a profane mouth; it claims that those who desire to convince themselves of the truth of this must raise their imagination and their faith, and then turn towards the East, while performing all that is written in the Kabbalistic Rite.


Wise philosophers say that this name was revealed to Jacob when he saw in a dream the ladder of 72 rounds, with the 72 angels climbing to and descending from the place called the door of heaven; and they claimed that it was by this (word) that Joseph was delivered from his brothers and interpreted dreams, notably those of Pharaoh.


By meditating on this name  You accomplish nothing less than the complete transformation of negative situations into positive opportunities and blessings. Life begins to taste like anything your soul desires or imagines.


The negative side of this angel is called Terre Morte or Terre Damnee following the expression of Eteilla, in his Philosophy of High Sciences, He is the most cruel and treacherous of all; he influences infanticides and parricides.

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