THE 72 NAMES (Angels) OF GOD


This angel is from the order of the Virtues
Here is the information about this God name


38. Deus Spes omnium finium terrae (God the hope of all which ends on earth);


חֵעָמֵ ( Chet Ain Mem ) – CheAMe ( Ch like in Spanish )           

כִּי-אַתָּה יְהוָה מַחְסִי; עֶלְיוֹן, שַׂמְתָּ מְעוֹנֶךָ - תהילים פרק צא, פסוק ט


Psalms 91:9

Latin Vulgate "Quoniam tu es, Domine, spes mea, altissimum posuisti refugium tuum."

King James Version Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;  


חֵעָמֵיָה CheAMeYA Haamiah - For the acquisition of all the treasures of heaven and earth. Against fraud, weapons, wild beasts and infernal spirits. Governs all that relates to God.

Influence time and dates 12:21 - 12:40 25th September until the 29th Septemberinclusively

 HAAMIAH.  His attribute is  God, the Hope of All the Children of the Earth .  He corresponds to the great name of  God Agla  (God Three In One).  Following the Kabbalists, this name is drawn from the mysterious verse in Scripture, which in French signifies: You are the strong God forever.  It is composed of the first letters of these four words, beginning from the right to left His ray commences from the 186th degree up to the 190th degree inclusive, corresponding to the nineteenth decade and to the angel called Serucuth.  He rules over the following days: 26th April, 7th July, 17th September, 28th November, 8th February.  One invokes him with the Divine Names to acquire all the treasures in heaven and earth;


The Kabbalists say that this Psalm works against thunder, arms, ferocious beasts and infernal spirits. This angel rules over all religious cults, and above all those which relate to God; it protects all those which seek truth.


Meditation on this Name helps to receive when you share and to share when you receive. You can see the opportunity that sharing gives and will make you aware that when you receive with the right consciousness, you also share. This is the circuitry of life. When you connect to it,you will move out of the black hole and into the Light.


The negative side of this angel rules over error and falsehood and influences all those who have no religious principles.

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