THE 72 NAMES (Angels) OF GOD


This angel is from the order of the Thrones
Here is the information about this God name


24. Deus Bonus ex seipso (God the Good out of itself ?);

חֵהֵוָ ( Chet Hey Vav ) CheHeVa  ( Che as in Spanish )

 רוצה יהוה את-יראיו; את-המיחלים לחסדו: תהלים פרק קמז


Psalms 147:11

Latin Vulgate 147:11 placetur Domino in his qui timent eum et expectant misericordiam eius

King James Version 147:11 The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.

 חֵהֵוָיָה CheHeVaYA Hahuiah - To obtain the grace and mercy of God. Governs exiles, fugitives, defaulters. Protects against harmful animals. Preserves from thieves and assassins. Loves truth, the exact sciences, sincere in word and deed.

Influence time and dates  07:41 - 08:00 16th July until the 20th July inclusively

HAHIUIAH.  His attribute is  God good in himself .  He corresponds to the holy name Esar in the Etruscan language.  His ray begins from the 116th degree of the circle to the 120th inclusive, corresponding to the twelfth decade and to the angel called Thuimis. 

He rules over the following days: 12th April, 23rd June, 3rd September, 14th November, 25th January. 

The invocation is made from 7:40am to 8:00am


He serves to obtain grace and mercy from God.  This angel rules over exiles, fugitive prisoners and condemned prisoners; he works against the discovery of secret

crimes, and those men who commit them will escape justice provided they do not fall back into the same criminal ways.  He protects against harmful beasts and he protects against robbers and assassins.  Those born under this influence will love truth and the exact sciences; they will be sincere in their words and their actions.


Meditating on this name bring ascend into the Upper World to diminish the forces of darkness caused by your envious thoughts and jealous stares. By taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions you lessen the pain and suffering in the world.


The negative side of this angel rules over harmful beings; he leads men to commit crimes, and influences all those who seek to live by illicit means.

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